Growing up, I watched my mom and grandmothers, elbow deep in flour, create little memories in the kitchen: breads, cupcakes, truffles, cookies, pastries, cakes, and pies.

In honor of these women, as a New Year’s Resolution, and in response to a tiny dream in the back of my mind, I have no choice but to bake pies; twenty-five pies (one for each year of my little life) to be exact.  These pies will come from the recipe boxes of my baking mentors, from the pages of cookbooks, and from the wonderful world of Pinterest.

So, I will bake, make a mess, probably burn a few, but all in the name of this weirdo New Year’s Resolution.  Check in here for recipes, baking horror stories (because those will definitely happen), and the journeys of these 25 pies.


THE DREAM LIST: Pie Plans & Recipients (Because no one should eat 25 pies…)

1. A pie that shows someone Jesus

2. A pie for someone that I don’t want to give a pie to

3. A birthday pie

4. A surprise pie

5. A pie made in a different state

6. A pie for a stranger

7. A bad day pie (to make it better :))

8./9. A pie for each of my families (The Hendersons and the Kings)


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