Pie #7- Grandma’s French Silk Pie


I have two pies to blog this weekend so stay tuned!  This French Silk Pie shout out is two weeks late- whoops!

About 2 months ago I attempted this pie as a “Welcome to Memphis” for my inlaws.  Unfortunately, due to my struggle with blind baking it was down right inedible.  So, when the time came to celebrate my dear friend’s birthday, I thought it might be time to give it a second shot!  I have LOVED making my grandmothers’ pie recipes (I’ve made Gram’s Sweet Strawberry Pie 3 times in 3 weeks) and this one is no exception.  First of all, this is probably the fastest and easiest pie I’ve made, AND it’s absolutely delicious.  WARNING:  this pie uses raw eggs (because grandma’s don’t cook health food, am I right?) so proceed with caution… but I think it’s worth the risk!

On to the birthday girl… When I graduated from college I was told over and over again that it would be so hard to find friends in the grown-up world.  For the most part, that has been true and many of the friends that I have made have been a little out of the ordinary.  Speaking of out of the ordinary, meet Kathy McCoy:


Kathy (front and center doing the “Kathy hand”) is one of the beautiful front office ladies at work.  To give you some insight into this woman I’ll tell you that the photos I had to choose from included: Kathy picking out her tatoo, Kathy in a hula hoop, Kathy and a hot dog, and various pictures of Kathy with her “girls” aka the senior girls in our youth group.  Kathy is a youth volunteer extraordinaire and she has become one of my very dearest friends.  Kathy has taught me: to never hang up a phone call with Seth without saying I love you, how to pour into the lives of girls through notes and time, that not every woman over 55 has to wear pant suits, how to let things go (I’m still working on that one), how to be a loving and less-crazy wife, and many many other things.  She and Dewey are so special to Seth and me and we’re incredibly thankful for their friendship.

So, in honor of this dear woman’s 30th (cough, cough) birthday I made her and Dew an easy-breezy French Silk Pie:



1/4 lb butter

3/4 C sugar

1 square melted bitter chocolate

1 tsp vanilla

2 chilled eggs



With an electric beater (according to my grandma- in the 21st century you can read that as either stand or hand mixer :)), cream the butter with the sugar.  Add melted chocolate and vanilla.  Add the chilled eggs, one at a time, beating 2 minutes after each addition.  You may want to beat an additional 2 or 3 minutes to make sure your sugar is dissolved.  Nobody likes grainy pie!  Pour into a blind baked pie shell (because you’re a pro at those now!).  Chill at least one hour.  I garnished with mini chocolate chips and you can also top with whipped cream.

That’s it!  It’s that easy and that unhealthy.  Enjoy!

Coming up next… Peach Pie and a new crust recipe.



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